“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Peter Drucker

Welcome To Digital Onca!

Digital Onca was born out of the passion to learn and incorporate closely, the working of a Digital space; steadfastly emerging around us. Our blog is centred around learnings in the fields of Digital Marketing and Public Relations.

Digitization has transformed the way economies function. Social Media has equipped the world with the power to have an opinion, which was previously reserved for the ones with ranks and resources to voice themselves. The dynamic of the industry has changed owing to an increase in transparency and accountability.

The world has come closer, as the tools to adapt, transition, innovate, and even survive, are available at our disposal. As dynamic as it may all seem, establishing a connection with one’s audience remains at the root of businesses. With the advent of technology and social media, it is increasingly important to etch that digital connection and form one’s digital ‘identity’ for the survival of one’s business.

Why Onca?

One of the core aspects of our blog is our name “Digital Onca”.

Onca is the scientific epithet for “Jaguar”- A spotted, big cat that represents transformation. This animal is ferocious, intelligent, instinctive, wise, and powerful. It spends most of its time learning and observing its prey, and kills using ‘one blow’. That’s how the Jaguar gets its name.

Digital Onca derives inspiration from this powerful Big Cat, wherein through this blog we will direct most of our effort into learning, examining, and observing, strengthening concepts to find impactful, foolproof solutions in the future.

Through the blog, we’ll be exploring, sharpening our skills and concepts of Digital Marketing, and Public Relations and focusing on a few minutes of mindfulness with our Digital Mental health section- ‘DigiHealth’.
Also, we’ll read a book every month and pen down our own thoughts about it on the same.

Our Belief

Digital Onca is strongly built on the ideology set by Peter Drucker,
“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Our ideology is simple; to be passionate, to be curious and to always be consistent in our learnings, as we at Digital Onca believe firmly in the Art of Practice, trying to better oneself and in the process, create confident and smart versions of oneself, growing every single day.

We believe in collective growth, learning together and sharing experiences. To make learning your own, laying a strong foundation almost makes it second nature.

To One’s Future Selves,

This is the Beginning. This is the Process. This is Knowledge.
Make it your own.

Digital Onca