Community Over Competition: Why is collaboration the way of the future?

It’s high time we focus on building a community within the corporate ecosystem to focus on not only individual growth but also growth within the community as a whole. How can we create a world where instead of focusing on putting down people, in order to stay ahead in the race, we instead lift each other back and walk towards the end goal together? 
Simple, through creating a mindset where we can focus on community over competition. We are all so used to the competition that thought like this seems too far-fetched. But we won’t know until we try because the result will be something to look forward to.

So here is a start, let us be a part of this conclave on the theme “Community over Competition” and understand how can we go about collaborating and uplifting each other. When we talk about Community over Competition, we mean to compete in a way where we uplift each other in the process. The same can be leveraged in every spear of life, one being the corporate sector. 

In India especially, the value of Women in Corporate is increasing as we realize that they bring qualities to work that enhance performance and efficiency. There are still sectors women have not entered yet, but for the sectors they have, it’s clear that different perspectives bring positive changes to an organization. Female Leadership in the Corporate world is now more common which says that we are finally opening to the concept of Collaboration between genders at work which is the way to go ahead since it is important that both perspectives are put into consideration. It’s about breaking the age-old norm of competition and about urging people to be competitive. Be it education or the workplace, it has always been about competition. 

When you grasp and hold ideas tightly, you are trying to control something small, and when you open your arms wide open, you are letting go of control and embracing the power of collaboration to accomplish something new. In modern times, we can see how the power of collaboration can be felt everywhere. Just think of crowdsourcing or crowdfunding. Collectively, we can learn collaboration, practice, and perfection. To collaborate actually means to share work, to share work, resources, share credits, share the blame. This is because collaboration is a joint endeavour between the participants. So if each one of us accomplishes anything on our own then we’ll fit in the palm of our hand but that’s insignificant compared to what we can accomplish together, and thus collaboration is cooperation. 

In the 2nd edition of India Impact Communication Conclave organized by CommsNews and powered by Reputation Today, distinguished panellists such as Anuradha Roy (DP World), Bishnupriya Narayan (Dream Sports), Madhavi Behl (Firstsource), Priya Zutshi(GreenCell Mobility), and Flovie Martins (Marsh McLennan Global Services) will further discuss why it is important to put Community over Competition. The panel discussion is moderated by Sharmistha Ghosh– Avian WE. The discussion will be filled with insights for freshmen who want to join the public relations community as well as those in the fraternity. This draft aims to bring about positive change in the workplace to empower the overall community in the business sector, which in turn will lead to a win-win scenario not only for the business sector but also for the country in general. Overall, this conclave aims to create a space for changemakers to come together and discuss the ways through which we can address issues faced by women in public relations and corporate communications.

To sign up for the event please visit:

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