GENDER EQUALITY: Breaking Stereotypes; Embracing Change.

Brought to you by Comms News and Reputation Today- Women’s Day Special

Comms News and Reputation Today have announced the second edition of,
India Impact Communication Conclave 2022 Women’s Day Special (IICC 2022). This event will be held on 3rd March 2022, from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. IICC 2022 will be a platform for active dialogue and inclusive interaction on “Gender Equality Today for a Better Tomorrow” through five different panels on issues ranging from Gender Equality, Women Leadership, Mental Health & Wellness to Breaking the Bias & Community over Competition.

The conclave focuses on the societal change witnessed; the core of which being women’s leadership across various sectors. The principle of Gender Equality is not about women domination but equal rights and opportunities; cerebral opportunities in all sectors of employment and career advancement.

As recently witnessed, the reaction towards Gender Equality in India, significant progress has been observed. Women working in sectors like public transport, petrol pumps, etc. were unheard of. Growth is progressive but there still remains a long way to go before equality is truly achieved. The result of a 2019 survey by Melinda Gates shows that it will be over  200 years until gender inequality is overcome. Change will be huge and laborious but inevitable.

Today women have several opportunities to not only promote equality but to also break stereotypes. This has inspired a movement amongst youth to become independent, aware of their rights and voice their opinions. A wave of change has been observed across several sectors like Ms. Indira Gandhi being the first lady to lead the country, Indra Nooyi, the former CEO PepsiCo. in the Corporate sector and Sushmita Sen – The first Indian to be titled ‘Miss Universe’. These women have not only achieved greatness but also paved the way for others  to be inspired and follow suit.
In order to achieve a world free of inequality, we must focus on eradicating illiteracy and addressing ignorance. Equal opportunities and pay, importance of basic education and removing the taboo around menstrual hygiene, sex education are issues that can be discussed widely by media and communication leaders across the country, to increase awareness and sensitivity around these topics. 

The first group of Corporate Communication heads to address us comprises;

Dhruti Kapadia – INGKA Services; Dimple Kapur – Pernod Ricard; Poonam Thakur – Prosus Ventures; Shreya Sharma – ShareChat.
The panel will be moderated by Shreya Krishnan – AON.
By conducting India Impact Communications Conclave 2022, we are bringing together women leaders from various industries for them to share their views and opinions, through their personal experiences so that it not only inspires us but also gives us enough confidence to determine our worth, be it in any sector. 

To sign up for the event please visit:

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