MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS: Ending stigmas and changing perceptions.

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Women’s Day Special

Comms News and Reputation Today have announced the second edition of, India Impact Communication Conclave 2022 Women’s Day Special (IICC 2022). This event will be held on 3rd March 2022, from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. IICC 2022 will be a platform for active dialogue and inclusive interaction on “Gender Equality Today for a Better Tomorrow” through five different panels on issues ranging from Gender Equality, Women Leadership, Mental Health & Wellness to Breaking the Bias & Community over Competition. The purpose of this conclave is to raise awareness about various issues faced by women.

The Panel’s discussion focuses on raising awareness around Mental Health and Wellness, so as to help create equity and diversity at workplaces. It is an issue that warrants public awareness and sensitivity. Concerns around mental health are often dismissed as temporary sadness, mood swings or even plain over-thinking; however, the underlying effects of such dismissal can often be dangerous.

In a corporate scenario; challenges faced at one’s workplace like tight deadlines, hectic schedules, disturbed work-life balance, contribute greatly to anxiety and depression in employees. Additionally, discrimination, microaggressions, sexual harassment may lead to suicidal tendencies across individuals. A popular misconception associated with mental health concerns is they are only limited to the rich and affluent. Such misconceptions often prevent awareness and seeking help from qualified professionals. Lack of awareness and the social stigma attached to it, makes it challenging for people to seek help and speak up about their mental health.

Mental health issues are not just damaging to the individual suffering from them. It is a large-scale phenomenon that manifests into a global phenomenon; if ignorance and dismal were to prevail. If companies are to maximise productivity, it is crucial to invest in employees’ health and wellbeing. To which, providing insurance covers is not the only solution. Organisations must devise assistance programs for employees. Creating a flexible, friendly, sensitised, and broad-minded work culture, proactively hiring diverse employees, holding open discussions and seminars regarding mental health and wellness. According to the Harvard Business Review, open and authentic conversations at work about mental health leads to increased productivity, wellbeing and decreased employee-turnover rate.

There has been considerable discussion and coverage in the media when popular personalities and celebrities have publicly addressed the aforesaid issue. Awareness is increasing gradually.
However, de-stigmatizing, breaking the taboo seeking help,  encouraging therapy and sensitising Mental health and awareness are crucial steps that can be taken to bridge the widening gap.

The third  group of Corporate Communication heads to address us comprises:
Kasturi Paladhi – Xiaomi India; Michelle Dsouza – Johnson & Johnson; Nivedeeta Moirangthem – IKEA India; Sonal ChoithaniI – Vedanta Ltd; Srabani Sen – Scripbox

This panel will be moderated by Priti Setia – Adfactors PR

Through this event, corporate communication heads from various organisations are coming together to create wholesome solutions to Address Mental Health and Wellness.

To sign up for the event please visit:

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