Lucy: A cinematic genius.

Cinema is a significant part of our culture scape. It has the capacity to influence, impact and motivate its viewers. We are often teleported into a mystical land by cinema where reality does not seem to matter. My favourite genre of movies is science-fiction. It is a tasteful blend of reality and fiction. Best of both worlds, one would say!

A film I thoroughly enjoyed would be the 2014 science fiction thriller “Lucy.” The film features the journey of a college student who finds herself in terrifying circumstances, after being conned into a dangerous drug operation by her partner.
When the titular character is ingested with the synthetic drug, she finds herself discovering various abilities like being able to fold through time and space, being able to control elements and even read minds!

The movie explores the 10% of the human brain, scientists claim that we never use. It is that untapped area which remains unknown to man. The protagonist is shown to precisely do the same; exploring the newfound horizons of the human brain.
The most impacting part of this film was that we often tend to under-appreciate the gifts available at the disposal of mankind. It is not a synthetic substance that is the hero of the film. It is the realisation that one can do wonders if one capitalizes on one’s strengths; for the greater good of society.

As humans, we are not equipped with sharp claws like felines, horns like bulls, wings like birds, a heightened sense of smell/vision or even strength in one’s hind legs like horses! But we can owe our position at the top of the food chain, to the wonders of our brain.

“Lucy” brought me to embrace the fact; that despite not being endowed with superpowers, we are blessed with one of the greatest tools available: increased consciousness! The awareness of oneself and the capacity for the greater good with our bestowals.
On the whole, apart from a few whimsical plot lines and confusing special effects, the movie left a lasting impression on my mind.

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