MADISON PANCAKE FESTIVAL: Goodness with Sweetness

(This is an assignment for SCoRe, not to be confused with the real event.)

The 17th Annual Madison Pancake festival takes place this Saturday & Sunday, 9th & 10th of April. This Non-profit event is brought to you by the Betterment Association of the Madison Area, Inc, co-sponsored by the Madison Area Jaycees. The event will be conducted over 2 days, with volunteers serving delicious plates between 7 am to 9 pm.

The festive event is put together by civic bodies, churches, locals, city hall staff and even Copeland Road prison inmates as a part of their community service program. This event draws approximately 1 million visitors each year, with a continued legacy of 16 glorious years.
Robert ‘Bob’ Grayman, (Rtd. Teacher, Volunteer fireman) quotes, “This is an ode to our traditional American values—sharing, communal spirit and gratitude , bringing goodness with sweetness.”

A historic town, picturesque locales and a plate of America’s favorite comfort food— Coupled with delicious toppings of nuts, seeds and fruit and a selection of premium jams, jellies and syrups with a nominal price of $12 for adults and $6 for kids aged 12 and under. This price includes the entry fee and refills for the entire day. Aside from the delicious fare, visitors can treat themselves to C & W artist Lionnel Cartwright’s musical genius, on Sunday between 1pm to 3 pm.

Madison intends to entertain its guests with a selection of  rides, arts and crafts displays across 100 booths, with scrumptious concessions and souvenirs to take home.To the outdoorsy folks, it offers a range of activities — from camping, swimming, hiking, horse riding, boating and even shopping for wares at its best antique stores and flea markets. Visitors are also welcome  to set up their own table, at $10 per table.To ensure a smooth stay for visitors, the Madison Volunteer Fire Dept. has sponsored a 16-foot boat drawing, a trailer, and a 45 HP outboard motor, tickets available. Volunteers have assured arrangements in place for RVs and plane travelers with parking and overnight stay areas, at a modest fee.
It is activities galore at the Annual Madison Pancake festival and all for a good cause. Last year’s proceeds were donated to the city of Madison for park improvements along with the Madison Volunteer Fire Department and the Gateway Ambulance Service. A portion of the proceeds were utilized for scholarships for local high school students.

The Madison Pancake festival is an annual community event. Started in 2006, it is now conducted and sponsored by Betterment Association of the Madison Area, Inc, co-sponsored by the Madison Area Jaycees. This non-profit event aims to preserve and celebrate the culture, tradition and culinary art of the state of Wisconsin.  


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