The Positive Side of the Covid-19 Pandemic

2020- If a survey was conducted on the “Most Googled words of 2020”, then ‘pandemic’,
‘Covid-19’, ‘masks’, ‘sanitizers’, ‘DIYS’, ‘How tos-’, ‘Netflix’s Top 10 films- to watch in Quarantine
’ would feature at the top of the list!
This has been a rollercoaster year for mankind; but nature is surprisingly in harmony. Infact;
improving! People might call 2020- “Annus Horribilis” – A Horrible year; in their lives. Rightfully
so! For this year has cost people their livelihoods, careers, lifestyles, homes, and their loved
ones; leaving behind an unending trail of uncertainty and fear.
While we fume over what havoc a Not-So-Visible microscopic organism can wreak over our
lives; we must take a step back and truly observe what the pandemic has allowed us to gain,
apart from the quarantine weight, of course!
In my humble opinion, 2020 has been more of a year for “Realisation”. Realisation- the key
word to navigate across these trying times.
Realisation; that we need to hold our loved ones closer than ever; for we never know when bad
times decide to tighten their grip upon our lives and we are robbed of our true and only wealthfamily.
Realisation; that the heroes we so gladly place upon pedestals and look upto are not heroes
after all. The definition of a hero has changed from the smug looking, leather jacket wearing
hunk sporting a six pack to a white coat clad gentleman/woman who bravely puts on a line of
defence for the attacks of this virus.
Realisation; that a khaki clad policeman is a greater superhero than Iron man.
Realisation; our unsung heroes need more recognition than they usually get.
Realisation; that people of “colour” deserve to be treated equally and their lives also matter.
Realisation; that our girls need this patriarchal society to mend its ways more than ever.
Realisation; that to put a chapati on your plate needs equal work in the office and at home,which
our mothers manage to do with such ease.
Realisation; that our Army needs us to uphold our “Deshbhakti” spirit every day and not just on
National Holidays.
The pandemic has taught us Independence– beyond belief. In the process of our bringing us
down to our knees, the pandemic has provided a chance to believe in our true selves. A chance
for reinvention; to put our faith, to put our attention into not some smart sounding quote on
Instagram incorrectly owed to Musk, Bezos or Jobs; but the wise words of our elders and
ancestors. From making one’s own meals (even on a saturday night) to “Making-In-India”, it’s a
silent war-cry for becoming “Atma Nirbhar” (self-reliant) in the truest of its meanings.It has
been a mirror to reality; fake is coming undone. New-Normal is emerging. Re-invention is
gushing in all directions.
“Nature is breaking free, whilst man lies encaged”
It’s a stern reminder that Nature is and shall always remain “The Greatest force of power.” A
warning for the ‘superior’ Human- sitting on the top of the food-chain pyramid; that it is time to
change one’s ways and embrace humility. Nature is healing; the wounds of atrocities committed
by man are healing.
Out of all that Covid-19 has taught us, Positivity is the greatest virtue; while it has been a mirror
of our misdoings, it has also been making us aware of our strengths- Resilience, of the Ability
to emerge stronger than ever, the Primal instinct of survival. It has put forward the
straightforward truth of acceptance of one’s failings and trying to do them good. It has
highlighted possibly the one of the greatest ironies of the world; that life is indeed perpetual yet
From now on, it lies upto us to make sense of what we have learnt so far. Out of all the voices,
which one do we choose to pay heed to. But the loudest one, shall always remain the one of the
Truth! For its single roar shall silence the bleating of a thous

Author: Digital Onca

Digital Onca is a blog that documents the concepts of Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Digital Onca is the effort to stay with the times, understand more deeply, more closely the working of a digital space that is steadfastly emerging around us.

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