Earth’s Voice

The earth burns,
from the blows of the sun’s attack!
From a magnificent green,
It has turned a hideous black!

Long Gone is the green cover,
She lies bare!
Gasping helplessly for a whiff of fresh air!

Oh how One misses hearing,
The gentle breeze and the rustle,
For it is now been swept away,
By the concrete hustle and bustle!

The shade of the Banyan,
The gifts of the Aamrai!
They are lost and foregone
Trees have become feeble,
laments many a traveller,
who once rested under the Peepal!

Man is sly,
Wry is his axe
With no mercy, compassion
At the tree trunks, he hacks!

The birds are now homeless
So are the insects and the fleas,
For man has deprived them all
Of the beautiful, tall trees!

As the mind nonchalantly wanders to
The days brimming with green gold,
It numbs down wearily, As fond memories unfold!

Of how one reminisces about swinging
by the Banyan’s scraggly roots!
Oh wow satisfying was it
to bite into the delicious fruits!

Well now the earth’s turned dry
To the heavens does she cry,
Helpless from the vicious smoke
She sighs in despair!
Gasping for the lost whiff of fresh air!

Author: Digital Onca

Digital Onca is a blog that documents the concepts of Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Digital Onca is the effort to stay with the times, understand more deeply, more closely the working of a digital space that is steadfastly emerging around us.

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