To Rainbow or To Not Rainbow?

Credits: Aleks Magnusson

The month of June does not just bring along rains; but a whole lot of rainbows too.
Rainbows of the celebration; is a colourful celebration by the LGBTQ+ community and its allies of breaking through social stigma, shame, homophobia, and societal banishment and embracing one’s own unique identity, unapologetically.

So, what’s pride month?

A month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and shattering the stigma surrounding their orientation, beliefs, and identities, and affirming their legal rights. This is that time of the year when the streets are filled with colour, brilliance and unapologetic embracement. The origins of pride month can be traced back to the 1969 NYC Stonewall Riots, which paved the way for the struggle for securing LQBTQ+ rights, globally.

Pride Month and Marketing:

From a marketing point of view, global corporates throughout the world changed their logos in honour of Pride Month. But the real question is, does slapping on a rainbow-coloured logo on your brand make you an Ally? Does it really make you a supporter of the community? Many brands tend to ride on the popularity of the subject to draw attention to their brands. In fact, there are many companies making rainbow additions to their logos yet sponsoring large-scale global events in countries disapproving of legal rights for the LGBTQ+, same-sex marriages or even homophobic politicians.

So how do brands really show support?

  1. Practice what you preach- Brands can disassociate with homophobic clients despite their grandeur and global reach.
  2. Active participation across various platforms and marches- Corporates can actually show solidarity by participating in marches, rallies and parades. Making representations at a global level.
  1. Making contributions (throughout the year)-As powerful forces of the economy, donations to Queer organizations once every Pride month doesn’t end your responsibility. They need to support throughout the year.
  1. Challenge representations- A 2021 Getty-Images research showed that 30% of such visuals depict gay men as ‘feminine’

25% of such visuals depict LGBTQI+ people carrying the rainbow flag in some capacity
31% of such visuals depict lesbian women as ‘masculine’
36% of such visuals depict gay men as ‘flamboyant’.

To read more:

  1. Finally, just accept- Seriously, it is not that difficult. Their choice is their choice. Respect it. At workplaces, employment opportunities, social events, cinematic representations, business events, and even brand identity. Acceptance of cultures has shaped a nation like India, it can shape the future of your company too.

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