World Environment Day 2022

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Jagdish Vasudev known to all of us as ‘Sadhguru’, launched #Save Soil – an initiative towards increasing organic content in cultivable soil. According to the Conscious Planet website, the debilitating crisis of organic soil content renders it infertile like sand, leading to a food crisis, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, climate change, loss of livelihood, and conflict and immigration. Organisations like the UN World Food Programme India, IUCN, WHO, European Union and the likes have put their weight behind this mission. This is just the tip of the iceberg. World Environment Day is not merely commemorative, it is a reminder nay, a warning to stop axing our own futures. The only solution is a genuine, collaborative and consistent approach from countries on a global level to solve the impending crisis.

World Environment Day is the UN’s prime initiative to raise awareness about environmental conservation and preservation. Started about 48 years ago, this event is celebrated on 5th June, every year. It is conducted annually, with a new theme each year which receives worldwide participation and support. Every year, celebrations are conducted in a given country. India has been a host twice in the years, 2011 and 2013.

Jaggi Vasudev’s initiative is a solution ‘rooted’ in reality. Soil is the genesis of life and its cessation too. A focus on regenerating soil fertility by environmentally conscious and sustainable practices. Nutritient-deficient soil produces fruits and vegetables lacking in nutrition. More like, ‘As you sow, so you shall you reap.’, is ‘Organically you sow, nutrient-rich shall you reap”.
(Source: Save Soil)

WHAT CAN WE DO?: Out of all ecologically sound practices, composting is what comes out on top. Composting is a process which combines organic matter like plant litter- branches, leaves, and twigs; food scraps, and the resultant matter is a nutrient-rich composition with beneficial micro-organisms that help nourish plantlife better.

The process of Composting: Creating organic matter by decomposing plant litter and food waste.
Picture credits: Unsplash

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”. Let’s start by preparing our own composting. Here are a few excerpts from YouTuber Ekta Chaudhary’s channel Garden Up:

1. Get a porous vessel like a terracotta pot, and add some holes in for aeration. Look for a ‘khamba’ on amazon. (Garden Up has provided all links in the description box below the video.)
2. A Khamba is a 3-vessel setup placed one on top of the other. As the top most vessel is filled up with waste, replace it with the empty vessel on top.
3. Add food scraps, (cooked & uncooked), plant litter and add curd to introduce microbes to decompose the food waste into compost.
4. Avoid adding too many citrusy or spicy food scraps, as they hamper the decomposition process. You may also add ground eggshells to the pots.
5. Keep on top of a stand to ward off cockroaches, lizards and rodents. Aerate thoroughly to combat the smell.
For any further details do check out Ekta’s video. Link to Garden Up’s “Composting kitchen Waste at Home” video.

Small steps like separating your wet waste from the dry kind can help in contributing to creating organic matter to battle the problem of soil degradation. Remember, a small step like this is an investment for the generations to come. As they acquaint themselves with the world, let them not view it through screens! Let them live. breathe, and experience purer, cleaner, and better than we did. We owe it to us and we owe it to them!

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