Composting: The Art of creating Black Gold.

Composting is our answer to a potential world crisis.

For real?

How can decaying, rotting and decomposing prevent a Third World War from happening? Jaggi Vasudev ‘Sadhguru’ – the man behind the #Savesoil initiative asserts that depleting fertility of the soil will lead to a potential global crisis, killing more people than falling bombs during the war ever could.

Pat! Comes the Environment ninja, a 42-year-old Bengaluru based woman propagating decomposing kitchen waste, propagating solid waste management.
“For the past 10 years, I have not thrown even a single peel, out of my home.” says the Urban farmer and Environment Ninja – Vani Murthy, popularly known as ‘wormrani’ on Instagram. She iterates the importance of composting as an everyday activity which is a form of experiential learning. To Mrs Murthy, wealth is a ‘box of earthworms’ and compost is ‘gold’, in fact ‘black gold.’

Vani Murthy- also known as Wormrani. Composting queen, environment warrior and an advocate for sustainable living.
Picture credits: Nyssa- The Beginning

Climate change is an impact of greenhouse gases and other pollutants being released into the lower ozone layer leading to permanent shifts in temperature and season change.

Composting kitchen waste will prevent all the organic content from leeching along with inorganic matter into the soil, which essentially renders all that nutritious content useless.

The organic, kitchen waste that ends up at the bottom of a landfill leads to the release of the greenhouse gas- methane into the environment, depleting the ozone layer further. Composting is like putting life back into the soil. We as living organisms receive our nutrition from fruits and vegetables, which are 90% nutrition deficient, due to the decreasing quality of the soil.

Think about it, with literally nothing we can find a solution to problems facing the earth like loss of biodiversity, food shortage, displacement, conflict, and loss of life and livelihood with immigration concerns. Just like a stern, but loving mother disciplines her child, by ‘grounding’ it, Mother Earth has her ways of keeping us ‘grounded’ and closer to our ‘roots’. But she does all this, by providing us an innate sense of independence.

The Independence to grow one’s own food. The Independence to control what goes into cultivating our food, in the absence of harmful chemicals. Today, 7th June 2022, is celebrated the world over as ‘World Food Safety Day’ which makes the conversation around food safety, health and nutrition all the more important.

Modern agricultural practices like the use of chemicals, pesticides, rooting hormones etc rob the soil of its nutrient content, which has caused the Soil crisis all over the world. Going back to ancient farming techniques, such as mixing cow dung into a slurry, by adding it into the compost bin (see previous chapter explaining “Khamba”). Curd is also a great alternative for introducing microbes into the mixture. Another little know fact is that nutrient-rich soil has more capacity to retain water content – a great contributor to maintaining ground-water levels. Erosion is kept at bay, conversing most of the water. Produce is healthier, more nutrients in consumption. A plethora of benefits, arent there?

Composting is literally making treasure from trash. A treasure that nurtures our future. For a solution to the soil crisis, we have this green-caped crusader or should I say, ‘saree-clad ‘ crusader to look up to for inspiration and follow ‘suit’! Zero-waste is the way to a sustainable future.

Compost because our children deserve better,
Compost because the planet deserves better.
Compost because you deserve better.

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