Every Netflix Christmas movie ever!

I am a proud member of the Netflix fandom. The Netflixphile in me is constantly hunting for great content to watch. Shows that reflect hours of brainstorming, exquisite design, and storylines that keep you at the edge of your seat are my favourite ones! Exhibit A: Crown!

But, not gonna lie, I absolutely love curling up into a blanket, getting a few snacks and kicking on a cheesy, lovey-dovey chick-flick time and again. Especially, Netflix Christmas movies. Throughout this pandemic, I have binged on a dozen Christmas movies for hours together. It is a delicious recipe of emotion, colour, festivity and the spirit of Christmas! I gotta say, as much fun as these movies are; the Christmas movie section seems like the menu in an Indian wedding- Different stuff, in the same orange-looking gravy!

For starters, we need snow! Lots of snow! The movies usually start with endless montages of snow-covered peaks, landmarks and busy cars riding in brightly decorated cities. Que in a bubbly protagonist as she takes on her day! A peppy Christmas number plays in the background. She is the superwoman- who can crack the most despicable client, bake the most delicious cakes, awkwardly zoom past the line at the coffee shop charming strangers with her mill-dollar smile. Has the best colleagues but the worst boss.

But, this surprisingly upbeat woman has to be pathetic, on the inside. A career plateau, a recent break-up, financial trouble, peer pressure or strained family relations. Something irksome about this holiday! But has to have a happy past, filled with warm memories wrecked by either of the above or an absent/ deceased parent.

Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be looking upwards as she traverses through her journey of taking on challenges, travelling to a different country, starting a new business or planning a huge wedding where the bride wants a massive ice sculpture!

Wait, that’s not even the past. What’s Christmas without the meat? Cue in the chiselled jawline and abs. Let me remind you, they won’t shy away from putting their ‘ornament’ on display-The Male lead. Usually, loving caring, and supportive of the female’s dreams. If that’s too vanilla for you, make him get on her nerves! And the in a lone moment at the fire when he’s all gooey with the young kids gathered around the big ‘old tree, she has a realisation- He’s kinda growing on her!

Longing glances! Longing glances! Longing glances! There can never be enough longing glances.

Okay- A checklist for you.
1. Bring them closer.
2. An epic kiss
3. Few moments of happiness and aww-so-cute moments
4. Aaaaannnddd…….BAM- Plot Twist.
It’s not so colourful anymore. An undiscovered truth, a skeleton in the closet, lies uncovered, or maybe a misunderstanding. Draw them apart, as she seeks comfort in her mouthy girlfriend or the effeminate-guyfriend!

But wait, it’s not over yet. It can’t end without a connection to the past. A forgotten piece of advice. The overwhelming urge to be annoying positive! Watch as our superwoman heroine draws up her cape and magically things fall into place! Re-unification with the male lead, she wins a title/becomes a princess, wins the contract or rules over a European kingdom! The movie ends with a piece of advice to the young viewers, something that hits right home with the Christmas spirit!

Well, that was my take on every Netflix Christmas movie I have ever watched.
Excuse me, as I get into the Christmas spirit already and chomp down half a pack of chocolate chip cookies!

Sources: Netflix
1. The Princess Switch
2. Holiday in the Wild
3. The Knight Before Christmas
4. A Christmas Prince
5. Holidate

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