Are we happier than our ancestors?

This is a re-write of an article I wrote in school. The difference of about 10 years of writing, rephrased and rewritten.

Change is essential to life. Change is the Thanos of life if the latter were a Marvel movie. It is inevitable! Be it a positive or a negative one. Without change, life is nice with no spice!

Remember the days, when our womenfolk would walk miles to fetch water? Carrying a stack of terracotta pots, skilfully balancing over their heads. They would bring it home, boil and cool it, and add alum to make the dirt settle to make the water potable. Now, mustn’t you thank technology for water filters? Several miles are snipped to just a few steps. Just open the tap and ‘gussshh…’.

In my previous blogs, I spoke about maintaining soil fertility levels. Modernised fertilisation techniques, chemicals, pesticides and insecticides have robbed the earth of her fertility and nutrition. Not only does the solid quality suffer, but the nutrition in the product has also reduced drastically. The oldies would even argue that the food that we eat is not even food. ‘Some chemically manufactured product! You might as well just eat out of a packet!’ No wonder organic fruits and veggies are all the rage!

Think of medical science for a second. Here, with great pride, I mention Indian medical forefathers, the great Charaka, author-Charaka Samhita and Sushruta, author- Sushruta Samhita, also regarded as the ‘Father of Plastic surgery’. Doctors in ancient times would suggest drinking wine to numb the pain from the operation. Hasn’t anaesthesia made our lives better? Sophisticated technology has gifted medical science with the best machinery and techniques. But, is speedy modern medicine effective enough to uproot the disease as effectively as ancient medicine?

Gurukuls in India taught their pupils under the shade of the Banyan. Surroundings were tranquil and fresh air would aid the pupils in assimilating teachings effectively. They were educated as per the ‘varna‘ system. Brahmins were taught scriptures and rituals, Kshatriyas were skilled in warfare, Vaishyas were acquainted with business techniques and the Shudras were barely educated.

While the ancient society thought it was wise to divide on the basis of caste for operational effectiveness.
Would such a division be acceptable in today’s political climate? While education, has created a uniform society, the tranquillity of the ancient Gurukuls cannot be replicated in the times today.

While the times before us as regarded as ‘The good old days’ or the ‘Old World charm’, we can only thank our ancestors for evolving with the times. A rigid tree trunk is uprooted by the storm, while slender blades of grass that bow to the storm escapes unharmed. To evolve is natural. Evolution aids survival. For life is the survival of the fittest!

Author: Digital Onca

Digital Onca is a blog that documents the concepts of Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Digital Onca is the effort to stay with the times, understand more deeply, more closely the working of a digital space that is steadfastly emerging around us.

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