Work-Life Balance: A Thing just for PR or for all Professions?

Imagine, a scenario- waking up at 5am, getting on with your morning chores, packing lunch, and leaving for work by 7:30am. Slogging the whole day in a corporation, returning at 8pm, rustling up dinner, and finally winding up at 10pm, only to do this all over again, tomorrow. Exhausting ain’t it?

Not to mention the time and effort spent in travelling to work. However, as tough as this may seem, what you just read is the routine of not just some, but many working women all around the globe. Though they go on to create milestones; the rigorous effort and roadblocks (mental) they go through, pose a very important question in our minds today- Has Work-Life Balance become just a thing to preserve in theory? Is it something that can be implemented in reality?

Work-Life Balance – as we call it, is the intersection of work as well as personal life. It is a person’s ability to give equal amounts of time to personal as well as professional commitments. However, the amount of time does not need to be equally and perfectly the same for both, what the concept dictates is the fact that one should be able to Ace the balance between both, as life is a mixture of personal as well as professional commitments. This is what is called Work-Life Balance.

In many European countries, Work-Life Balance is an active concept and is practised regularly. Employees have strict deadlines, which are not compromised upon, but if their time for work is 5pm, they are out of the office at 5:01. That’s the work culture that is followed, and it shows that the culture knows how to preserve people and nurture them for the long run. Companies in Japan have sleep pods for employees to take a nap. Though these can be considered the perks of an efficient company policy, a huge chunk of it comes in order to manage the work of employees, because that is the ultimate goal.

Stress, pressure, and feelings on the same tree but with different names have contributed a lot to those not able to maintain Work-Life Balance. It is physically not possible to derive the factors that contribute to the inability to maintain Work-Life Balance because the factors are highly qualitative and can have many minuscule things attached to them.

What can be done?

  1. To change the system into something that may suit our style of functioning might not be advisable because it is hugely dependent upon the individual wants and needs.
  2. What can be done, is that Work-Life Balance can be implemented and initiated at the individual level, slowly and gradually.
  3. Clear the concept. The concept is that one does not have to overburden oneself with work. Time has to be given to the family and close people around one.

The world is just recovering from a pandemic like COVID. The lessons that this pandemic has given us are far more valuable than any other book can ever provide. Your family is where you belong. Your job, workspace, and everything will be taken care of if you are well. Give time to your family and loved ones. They need to be told that you love them. Value every moment. Come home early from work. Take your children out to play. Give them time.

Yes, we will earn money through work, but if we put ourselves in a position where we don’t have people around us, who do we enjoy the luxuries with?

Food for thought!

Author: Digital Onca

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