Shreya Krishnan: A Consummate Communicator

On Women’s Day this year, we at ScoRe had the opportunity of promoting the India Impact Communication Conclave (IICC). The conclave progressed with a session on Gender Equality and a smartly dressed woman in a beautiful handloom saree addressed the gathering. Eloquently, she summed up her colleagues’ opinions, making me instinctively exclaim, “Her speech flows like a river!”

Meet Ms Shreya Krishnan.

A multi-faceted feminist, Ms Krishnan is the Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Aon India Insurance Brokers. She specializes in CSR and corporate grooming. Krishnan was also crowned Mrs India Universe World in the year 2017. Her multipotentiality includes activism, acting, blogging, dance, and poetry. She also is an advocate for environment-friendly causes along with hosting and training for events.

Ms Krishnan is a consummate communicator— not limited merely in words, she creates a wholesome communication experience. For me, Ms Krishnan is eloquence personified—reflected in her clothing, body language, and her stellar vocabulary. Her never-say-die attitude has helped her become the communicator she is.

The expanse of Ms Krishnan’s communication career is vast, as she certainly embraces opportunities, not limiting herself. Adaptability is one of her strongest suits, just like water takes the shape of whatever container it’s placed in. Her work ethic is strong, but fluid. She is equal parts compartmentalization and equal parts professionalism, with an effortless lexicon and great storytelling.

Shreya Krishnan is a tasteful mixture of discipline with free-flowing ideas and thoughts. Through her attitude, she has maintained a stellar career in communications, been a hobbyist, and juggled personal life with equal ease while actively campaigning for important causes.
This is exactly why Shreya Krishnan is my PR hero and a consummate communicator!

Author: Digital Onca

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