Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication is coordinating marketing efforts to create a seamless experience for a brand. It is a combination of various aspects of marketing to formulate plans for clear and concise execution. IMC is an effective tool to reinforce the brand’s messaging through different channels.

It also brings in financial efficiency, allows budgeting, and more output at less expense leading to increased brand awareness. With IMC, one can build and execute several functions together. It amalgamates public relations, marketing, advertising, and branding efforts to create a piece of effective inter-linked machinery. Increased brand awareness leads to increased brand loyalty. What is better than new customers?

Repeat Customers!

The American Association of Advertising Agencies defines ‘Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as a concept of marketing communications planning that recognises the added value of a comprehensive plan.

This system is a blessing, especially for the smaller organisations that have budget constraints is one of the prime factors for increased adaptation of this system. Styles, forms, and communication have changed, given the advent of globalisation and the introduction of a more digital-friendly world.

Cue in targeting and customization. Everybody loves to own a keychain with their initials on it. A necklace with their name. A leather pouch with golden lettering! It makes us feel an emotional connection with the product as if our own personal input in the process of creating it.

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge sporting a customised necklace bearing the initials of her three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis.
Picture Credits: Harper’s Bazar

Retailer becomes a marketer’s best friend. A retailer is the foremost point of contact for customer feedback. They witness observations every day but may dismiss them as unimportant. As they rightly say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. For a marketer, this is information gold! A marketer can delve deep into such insights and curate a product that fulfils the right need, at the right time, and for the right person. This works brilliantly for the FMCG industry.
The internet has opened up the scope for online shopping, which allows more tracking, more nudging, and the secret weapon- remarketing! Social media marketing and online website marketing are the best examples of the same.

Effective IMC implementation can help build robust equity for the brand while generating a strong message and also opens up various avenues of communicating with one’s audience. Also, simultaneously, sales improved eventually, too! A structured framework that helps structure campaigns and messaging, with decreased cost, and creates brand awareness whilst nurturing loyalty.

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