Podcasting: New Age Marketing

Credits: Magda Ehlers

Podcasting is touted as the most disruptive marketing solution. It is the process of recording mostly audio files and releasing them on the internet. Video content is also available to view. Multitasking is the buzzword of these fast times. People like to consume content simultaneously with other tasks. Podcasting is an effective way that lets them do both together.

It is a hands-off, eyes-off approach that fits effectively in a busy routine. Touted to be the next big thing in the world of content, there are no two ways for corporates to capitalize on podcasting. Here’s how businesses can use it to their benefit-

(Source: Forbes)
PLANNING: Audiences can listen to podcasts on blogs, websites, and apps using phones and portable Bluetooth speakers. Content can be consumed while taking a walk, a run, or even travelling. Content must be planned in a manner wherein the speaker does not intend to engage or expect a reply from the listeners. It is a passive form of content consumption. Gathering the information comes at the next stage, with your material organized. Further, you must plan the course of your distribution-decide whether it is meant for mass distribution or for limited usage.

Distribution schedules are equally important. Consistency is the most important rule when it comes to success in audience engagement. Inconsistent content production and uploads without a schedule will lead to your audience losing track of your content and presence on the channel .

EXECUTION: When it comes to podcasts, things don’t function like print media. One must make sure that the listener understands the message in one take and does not have to go back and forth. Podcast messaging has to be extremely clear, since the tone is conversational it must not come across as rude or condescending. However, unscripted talks come across as more natural and appealing, it is best to have notes and a script pre-written on hand which helps with easier recording.

DISTRIBUTION: Once you have made a decision about your distribution extent, a well-recorded and edited podcast is ready to go on air. It can be released on a channel, blog, website, and applications. One must pay close attention to reviews and reception of the content.

Author: Digital Onca

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