Delighting Clients

(Insights for this blog were taken from SCoRe’s masterclass)

PR professionals must be masters of client interactions. Fulfilling client needs is one of the important functions we must perform. But, to gain an extra edge delighting clients can work wonders for the business and help in profitability.

In a masterclass by Mr. Nikhil Dey, ED, Adfactors PR we gained a sneak peek into ‘delighting clients’ by the maestro himself. Mr Dey highlighted the importance of the power of listening. Listening must be accompanied by close observation. Listening with empathy is the best observation one can make. There are often visual and emotional cues to look out for, that can help you ace that client interaction! They are like little easter eggs, all you got to do is to look closely.
Self Awareness motivates you to look closely and helps to evoke empathy. As you look at the solution with much kinder eyes, your social skills begin to grow and develop. This is especially beneficial for PR professionals because that helps them self-regulate and measure words carefully before a conversation is started.

Mantra1: The power of listening + Empathy = Self Awareness

As students, our focus tends to be on becoming conceptually clear. While that makes us conceptually sound professionals, one must not ignore the importance of a little EQ in the process of our learning. We are often instructed to put our emotions to one side, adopt a pragmatic approach, and look at things objectively. Mr Dey encourages one to embrace those emotions enough to distinguish the real problem from the proxy problem- a term for the seemingly existing issue. But, he warns to steer clear from emotions that cloud one’s judgment. So, facts matter but emotions take the cake in crises. It is how sensitively you deal with the situation and prevent it from escalating.

Mantra 2: Clients don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care.

PR as a profession is client-oriented. But, a single-handed effort is not going to win you that big client favour. It is a team effort to delight your client. As you make that strong team to address and service the client, you must remember another piece of crucial advice. View your client as a partner, as an ally and not merely an entity that you service. A client is your partner both in success and failure. This brings a sense of inclusivity, faith, and trust, facilitating better communication.

Mantra 3: “Make it a We-show, and not a Me-show!”

Emotions are great to have. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Yes, with absolutely certainty it is agreed upon that sometimes, emotions tend to cloud our judgement. But, to delight a client it is necessary to tap into their emotions whilst maintaining your personal emotional equilibrium. Don’t set aside emotions to find a solution. Harness their power to find it! You cannot solve a problem if you don’t go through the emotion!

Mantra 4: “Tap into Emotion. Harness it to get the solution!”

Using the above techniques, one can crack the code to decipher the real problem from the proxy problem, whilst maintaining our personal equilibrium, emotionally. An angry, frustrated client might not necessarily be worried about the targets not being met, the problem really bothering them would be an ailing parent, an unruly child or maybe even an argument with their spouse. One can sutely help to decipher the problem without violating personal boundaries to help the client process the issue better, bringing a solution to fruition.

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