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Source: The insights for the article were taken from a Masterclass at SCoRe.

Communication is a powerful business tool. It has the capacity to inform, influence, convince and change the perception of the receiver. Although it’s a simple two-way process. It starts with the sender who encodes the message, who then communicates using a channel of communication. The receiver then decodes the message to the best of their understanding and then proceeds to act accordingly or provide feedback. Sounds simple?

The basic framework of communication does little justice to the complexity of its nuances. In the process of communication, you might be blocked or interfered with barriers to communication . Noise, distraction, tonality, context, and even pre-conceived notions can be barriers in their own right, affecting successful communication. Under-researched communication can come across as offensive. It’s only right that communication across organizations in both internal and external setups, be regulated and inclusive.

ESG is an up-and-coming concept in the field of communications. ESG simply stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is steadfastly becoming an important tool for communication. Including ESG concepts in one’s communication is absolutely essential in today’s political and social climate. Sustainability is the foremost parameter to assess ESG in communications. Post the pandemic, the world economy is recovering. This makes it imperative to have a purpose-driven, sensitized organization, especially ESG. ESG in Communications directly affects Corporate Reputation.

Surprisingly, the most concerned stakeholder with ESG compliance is the Investor. A strict criterion for investment into businesses is how well ESG guidelines have been adopted and followed across organizations. Appropriate compliance opens up several avenues for expansion, differentiation, and etching a strong connection with your stakeholders.

One of the best things about this concept is that it is never too late to start. Adopting ESG helps to reduce the risk for organizational reputation, provides an increase in opportunities, helps to become resilient, and helps to increase productivity and maintain a positive reputation and stakeholder trust.

ESG can create unconventional equity for an organization. It is a powerful way to build trust, sustainability, and regulatory freedom for organizations to stand out from the crowd!

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