Okanagan Valley-The Canadian Paradise

Canada evokes the red and white tinted dream in all of us! Nestled in snow-clad peaks, lush with greenery and vegetation, plaid, reindeer motifs, and a lot of woodwork dotted with a maple-filled experience. The Okanagan Valley in Canada is a like place no other. It is known for its fertile soil and quality produce. It is one of the best places in Canada for fresh fish, beef, fruits, and wine production.

The serenity of the Okanagan Valley, its beautiful lakes, mountains, and quality produce attract hundreds of tourists every year. Customer expectations are extremely high when it comes to the Okanagan Valley experience. On the Netflix show, Restaurant’s on the Edge– they featured a restaurant nestled in this beautiful valley, ‘The Outboard Pub’. The Outboard Pub is run by a father-daughter team Anne & Campbell.

Anne and Campbell invited the team of Restaurants on Edge to help them with their dying restaurant business. Right off the bat, the team consisting of Nick Liberato (restauranteur), Karin Bohn (interior designer), and Dennis Prescott (Chef) notices issues with the business such as lesser footfalls in the winter month, overly-imported menu, underwhelming taste, and dated decor. Immediately they roll up their sleeves and travel around the valley after a quick chat with the owners to pick up on the culture and tradition of the valley.

Karin is especially excited about this project, as she belongs to the Okanagan Valley and grew up there. She begins her research by taking photos of the space. She is trying to put together an environment that balances both Anne’s vision and a touch of local elements and art. Nick goes over the restaurant reviews with them and tries to get a vision board ready for their plan, while Dennis goes over to fish wild salmon on a floating boat on Kalamaka Lake.

For the decor, they chose a nautical theme decor with a blue color, using warmer tones that would draw customers into a cozy pub during the winter months. Liberato joins hands with the Okanagan Spirits Distillery to create cocktails with unique and local flavors for the Outboard Pub. Prescott teams with local fishermen and conservation experts to catch the wild salmon-Kokanee. Bohn brings in traditional decor from a master carver Darren who creates the art by carving wood breathing life into the history of the Indigenous people and their significance to the valley. And at the end, they paired up with Frequency wines to bring back the sense of gratitude, great wine, and community camaraderie back into the business that had lost touch!

Anne and Campbell then, opened their eyes to a beautifully revamped space, a delicious menu featuring local food and drink, and a killer cocktail made using the spirits from the local distillery. In the end, they were happy owners with both; tummies and hearts filled with love!

Author: Digital Onca

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