Time Management and Planning

Time is a valuable resource regardless of the task. Our years are spent working and relaxing in parts. Given the fast paced lives today, many of us are inevitably dealing with stress. Que in major life changes, the level of responsibilities increases. A demanding job, a new-born, a sick-relative or a demanding job schedule are some of the factors that may contribute greatly to stress.

In her book, “The Book of Stress Survival” author Alix Kirsta says our biological clock is affected by sunrise and sunset when it comes to the planets’ orbital revolutions around the sun. The rhythm of our circadian cycle controls various biological systems, including mood regulation, mental activity control, controlling appetite, sleep, alertness, and more.

Relationships and personal lives suffer a lot and are affected by the same time constraints and panic demands. Work-life balance is hard to strike when careers are challenging. “The all-working and no-playing Jack” also needs to rest and enjoy sometimes. Losing out on important milestones, event, lack of time spent with family leads to unresolved frustration. On the other hand, lack of a job and too much time on one’s hands can also be a major contributor to stress.
To balance the above derailments, one must spend quality time planning, and assessing one’s capabilities to achieve better work-life balance, thereby increasing productivity. (Source: TR)

Create a schedule that doesn’t eat into your personal life, a prime source of family disagreements, a fallout between spouses, and domestic tension, preventing it from building up gradually. Work and life are, after all, interdependent and, complementary to each other as opposed to being contrary. Under ideal circumstances, they should enhance one another. So the great advantage of balancing work and leisure is that it improves the quality of both, helping you to feel good and perform your best!

Author: Digital Onca

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