Michelle Obama: Resilience personified

A true representation of America’s resilience and strength, the inspiring Mrs Obama shone on the screen as she gave her first keynote address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Education, hard work, and genuine care and effort for the causes she really believes in, have propelled Michelle Obama to the status of inspiration to many, around the world.

Born Michelle Robinson to Fraser III and Marian Robinson in a working-class home, she was raised to be a fearless and opinionated child. Like her brother Craig Robinson, she also went to Princeton University to pursue law. Always a bright and hard-working child, Michelle then went on to graduate from Harvard Law.

Having faced racial discrimination as a young girl, Michelle Obama has passionately campaigned against the racial disparity in her time as a first lady. She is the first African-American first lady to occupy the position. And Obama is in her own right the most illustrious first lady.

She has famously advocated causes like the prevention of childhood obesity with her campaign, ‘Let’s Move’, and other causes like poverty awareness, education, physical activity, and nutrition. She married the man who interned under her mentorship and went on to become the 44th first lady of the United States. Mother to Malia and Sasha Obama, Michelle Obama has been an inspiration to not just her daughters but many young girls all over the world.

Michelle Obama is highly regarded for her time in public service.
Speaking to Jenna Bush Hagar, she said “Public service, it’s a bright, sharp, hot spotlight and most people don’t understand it nor should they,”
“The thing that I always keep in mind is that none of this is about us, in public service, it’s about the people that we serve. I always try to push the light back out and focus it on the folks that we’re actually here to serve.”

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