The Future of D2C brands in India

D2C brands have seen an upwards trend. India has experienced vast growth in the startup ecosystem. D2C stands for Direct to Consumer. The speciality of this market system is that it eliminates any middlemen and facilitates direct communication with the customer. Owing to D2C Market, customization and making feedback-oriented products have become easier.

However, the most important component in this transaction is the internet. Using the internet, the customer is able to connect with the brand, suggest customization, and have increased participation in their buying decisions.
D2C became increasingly popular in the 1990s wherein the internet had been introduced newly.

In D2C, the customer base is relatively limited which facilitates the absence of middlemen. Had the customer base been larger and more spread out D2C would not have worked as a model. Early examples of D2C can be seen in farmers and shoe repair masters. The distribution model of D2C is relatively simple. The goods are sent from the factory to the warehouse wherein they are boxed and stocked. D2C brands often tie up with delivery brands to deliver products as offers start pouring in. (Source: Fortune India)
Popular D2C brands in India are Mama Earth, The Moms Co., Bombay Shaving Co., WOW Beauty, SUGAR, boAt, and Plum Cosmetics. (Source: e4media)

India has great potential as both an online market and an offline market. But the base purchase behaviour still records higher sales at the offline outlets. As the social media revolution is taking the country over, D2C brands must keep in check to not ignore the large offline preferring chunk of people.

Author: Digital Onca

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