Avian WE- Consultancy Visit

On 15th July 2022, we had the chance to visit Avian WE, as a part of our consultancy visit. We were given a chance to visit the Mumbai office of the PR firm, wherein the staff and senior leadership spent an entire day speaking to us about Avian WE and our future at the firm we were to join it.

The first session began with Mr Girish Huria – EVP, Growth & New Initiatives speaking about the history, culture, and leadership at Avian WE. After a brief round of introductions over some coffee and cookies, Mr Huria narrated the journey of Avian WE so far and its clientele. He also threw light on its work culture, and the organization’s prime focus on being empathetic in all human interactions possible.

From his session, we took back a boatload of experiences summarized across a few points. The takeaways from the session are tools to shape our attitude to navigate through the PR profession. He stressed the importance of reading and keen observation which was crucial in client interaction. PR professionals must be well-read and must know how to stand out from the crowd by capitalizing on a core quality. PR professionals must experience various demographics by travelling, networking, and being sector agnostic. Finally, he summed up with a beautiful one-liner, ‘Find your own work-life balance!’ iterating that work-life balance does not have a specific definition.

The evening progressed as Mr Onassis Vaz, Sr. VP- West Division spoke to us at length about ‘Delighting Clients’. A maestro at client delight, Mr Vaz narrated his experience in dealing with varied clients. He established the basics of client delight by highlighting punctuality, research, and timely follow-up.
Here’s a list of key takeaways from his session:-
1. PR professionals are client liaisons.
2. Try to predict and estimate the needs and desires of one’s client
3. Timely follow-up is the greatest tool available for client delight
4. Consistency is essential in deliverables
5. Deliver quality over quantity
6. One must respond and not react
7. PR is a solution-oriented profession
8. Media relations are a survival tool
9. Take ownership, lead and engage, and understand your client’s business well
10. Analysis and proactivity is important

Key takeaway:
Client Delight Formula=

Passion + Commitment + Positive Attitude + Insights + Ideas + Error-free communications

The last session of the day was with Ms Shalmana Tendular, Group Business Director. Ms Tendulkar’s expertise lies in entertainment as a sector. She explained that in the entertainment sector it is essential to know the brand’s tone that you are servicing. PR Professionals must have a clear understanding of how a client ecosystem is built. Audience groups of entertainment channels are designed using various demographics including their age group. And finally, it is extremely important to pay close attention to your core audiences. The discussion concluded with a couple of case studies.

All sessions lent a different perspective on looking at PR as a profession and how to excel as an upcoming professional.

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