AIDA: The First Model

Communication is an art, skill, and discipline. Although free-flowing in nature, it is bound by rules, both spoken and unspoken. Communication professionals and experts have, by their experience decades formulated frameworks that help communicate, advertise and narrate better.

The AIDA Model framework in advertising and communications is what many professional communicators swear by. The framework is a simple, 4 stage procedure which is modelled on the human psyche. Communication may seem simple, and even involuntary. But effective communication is an art, more so a tact!
(Source: Corporate Finance Institute)
AIDA stands for Awareness/Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.
The Awareness/Attention stage is the foremost. This involves research, and knowledge of the product’s design, quality, price, and utility. A proficient communicator must know which out of these points to capitalize on to draw the customers’ attention or create awareness.
E.g.: Snackible creates ad campaigns pitching and positioning their products as healthy snacks.

Interest comes next, and answers the question- ‘What’s in it for me?’ You cannot pitch candy to the toothless. Relevance is key when it comes to pitching a product/service. The stage captures their interest and moves them slowly towards the desired stage. It leaves them wanting to know more about your product. Here’s where your communication needs to be used to the best capacity.
E.g.: As you click on their website and sign up for their newsletter, you start receiving regular updates and healthy snacking options.

As interest manifests into desire- here’s how can go for the winning shot. Draw meaningful comparisons on utility, price, suitability and relevance of your offering to the competitor’s offering. They’ll already be calculating the pros and cons of making the purchase decision.
E.g. Remarketing and launch events make you want to try the products, as you log on to their website.

Lastly, Bring the Action! At this stage, if your pitch and other factors are willing to co-operative, you would have won over the customer leading to a purchase. After going through the above stages, the customer finally makes the purchase.
E.g.: Interesting imagery and brand collaborations such as with Phool Co. make one purchase the product. (Source: Smartinsights)

AIDA is one of the oldest advertising models, yet stays relevant till date because of its innate understanding of the human psyche and customer behaviour.

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