Minimalism: And its PR problem.

Minimalism is not a silver bullet to solve all your problems. Minimalism is creating a space for oneself that helps to prioritise our wants in life. It is decluttering- not just literally but mentally as well. By the virtue of minimalistic behaviour it is essential that we declutter our minds from all the blocks that clog smooth thought-flow process.

Minimalism suffers from a general perception problem. The general lack of understanding around the subject tends people to confuse it with deprivation. The discipline lends a pragmatic view of what to keep and what to eliminate.
Public Relations can help to dispel the myths surrounding the issue. (Source: YouTube)

The core belief of minimalism is to keep what brings you value, joy, and contentment and discard anything that clutters one’s thinking or space. Minimalism can range from having fewer items in the closet to segregating one’s items into sectioned folders on a desktop. It can be putting away anything that you don’t find use out of. (Source: Matt D’vella)

The narrative that public relations can create around minimalism is that it is a way to focus on what’s relevant and matters to you the most. It is to declutter emotionally that would help to determine the definitions of success and create a roadmap for living one’s life. Minimalism lends a lot of intentionality to one’s behaviour and conduct. (Source: YouTube)

A perception change would help become more intentional in their decisions, purchases, spends, decor, food, wardrobes, files, feelings, and even emotions. A concept that deserves further thought and introspection! – Minimalism

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