Representation of Women in the Media

Female representation in media has always been debatable. Evidently, a few features are glorified and made the standard for beauty, that everybody unsuccessfully tries to adhere/match up to. Herein, the conventional white supremacy triumphs and several women are left judging their appearance, colour, heritage and even their origins as they feel badly about their bodies.

The culture these days is becoming increasingly woke and aware. Although there are extremists in every set of beliefs. However, it all boils down to how much the world really has gotten around in terms of execution.
Unachievable standards of perfection end up displeasing women and men equally about their bodies. Social Media has worsened it further, impacting mental health and body image adversely. (Source: TedX)

The trend is most popular amongst teenagers and young adults. According to culture activist Jean Kilbourne, both men and women are objectified. However, men are not under evident threats of being sexually harrassed or even molested. The threat is greater and graver for women.

The alarming trend also observes children’s bodies and merchandise being sexualized or printed upon with obscene messaging which seem snarky but is in turn extremely dangerous given the state of child abuse cases around the world. According Ms Kilbourne, it is not the images in an ad that create a problem, directly. These images are a part of normalising such attitudes towards children, youngsters, and women-leading to grave mental health concerns resulting in adverse consequences.

Information and education are the only tools available to fight this perception problem surrounding beauty. Only sensitization can help masses grow empathetic and look at the world with much kinder eyes.

Author: Digital Onca

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