Urban farming: A solution to food waste

Food waste is one of the largest problems plaguing the world. Approximately, 67 billion tonnes of food is wasted in the country every year. (Source: BW Business World) The US has been the highest food waster in the world. Food wastage is one of the main causes of further issues like greenhouse gas emissions snowballing into climate change. According to the Washington Post, food waste contributes to at least 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food wastage in itself is appalling given that hunger, malnutrition, and starvation are persistent problems throughout the world. While a conservative attitude towards consumption is the need of the hour, it is also important to focus on how expired or food unfit to consume can be salvaged and put to better use.

Instead of junking it into the dustbin, food waste can be composted. Rapid industrialization, pollution, leeching of chemicals in water bodies, and over-dependence on fossil fuels has deteriorated the quality of air, water, and soil specially in urban areas. The presence of nutritional content in farm produce has fallen sharply, given the inorganic methods of farming. Food waste composting can help re-instate the quality of both; the soil and the produce that offsprings from it.

Ken Dunn, President, Resource Center and Founder, City Farm has initiated a program titled ‘City Farm’ that encourages locals to find unoccupied plots of land and start farming there. The low quality of soil in a city environment is supplemented by a 2 feet-deep layer of food waste compost. The compost is picked from grocery stores, convention centres, restaurants, and eateries.
(Source: YouTube)

Unhealthy food and eating processed foods has had an impact on the population’s health greatly. Focus on sustainable farming techniques, responsible consumption patterns, eating quality over quantity and conservation of local produce instead of heavy reliance on imported food and processed products. (Source: YouTube)

Because, “We are, what we eat!”

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