Stress-proofing Life.

Stress is inevitable owing to the fast-paced lives we lead. Demanding job schedules, a sick family member, a newborn, long commutes, and hard deadlines can create tremendous amounts of stress for a person.

Once you start to feel the loss of control over your lives, you tend to become anxious, resentful, hurt, and even depressed. Stress has far-reaching effects that may even manifest as physical issues impacting one’s health, body, and mind. (Source: My Cleaveland Clinic)

It is important to know oneself before one can learn how to balance and manage stress. If you fail to do this, it may throw work and life, both out of proportion. When you dig deeper, it is after you’ve blamed external factors for your stress, that you tend to realise the reason was nothing but you. Your personal mind blocks hampered the progress route and prevented you from growing.

In addition to self-awareness, it is crucial to accept oneself as well. In the absence of acceptance, you will keep fighting the version of yourself you want to hide from people. However, self-acceptance is easier said than done. It is a long, sometimes even painful process that takes tremendous amounts of courage and determination to undertake and go the full mile. The simplest approach to adopt is ‘Control what you can’t, and ‘Accept what you can’t. (Source: The Book of Stress Survival)

Setting impossible demands for oneself can only mean setting oneself up for failure. It is important to accept both; good and bad qualities within oneself to create a pavement for acceptance. Stress is overwhelming but not unmanageable! All you go to do is view yourself with kinder eyes.

Author: Digital Onca

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