PRAXIS-9: Our Experience of Organizing a Large Event

PRAXIS-9 was an eclectic blend of learning, networking, dining, and dancing. I was fortunate to participate and gain/get hands-on experience in managing a globally-acclaimed event. The event was attended by over 600 delegates from all over the world. It was where the Indian PR fraternity joined hands to create a platform for professionals both young and seasoned to learn, exchange ideas, network, and build meaningful connections. As a part of the volunteering team at  SCoRe (School of Communications and Reputation) with The Promise Foundation, we were given several responsibilities to handle throughout the event.

Here’s what I learned from helping to manage PRAXIS-9:
A. Plan (Super) Early!
For an event scheduled to take place in November, we were given our first briefs in May. The founding team walked us through the flow of the event, tentatively allotted our tasks, and created an initial roadmap for us. This helped us vividly picture the event and plan our calendars accordingly.

B. Performance Hacks 101
Our batch, Spring Batch of 2022, decided to put up a dance performance for the attendees at PRAXIS. We made sure to keep it out of the event agenda, looping in our organizers. While penning down the lyrics of our ‘PR Anthem’, we used a word cloud to determine the keywords in a PR firm. We also worked out the microphone settings, the lighting, and our stage positions. By the time we got to the location, it was easy to make last-minute changes, owing to a flexible framework.

C.Design a Workflow
As a part of the volunteering team, we handled the registration desk, escorted speakers and senior leaders, social media activities, and helped out with the award ceremonies. On Day 1, we were seated at the registration desks in pairs of two, divided across the initials of the delegates’ first names. Managing the desk, we handed out coloured lanyards, hamper bags, and F&B coupons. Here’s my takeaway— however mundane the task might seem, it needs to be executed with precision and focus. You can always turn an opportunity to do the bare minimum, into one that would bring you great benefits, exceeding expectations. 

4. Make meaningful connections:
My prime takeaway came from trying to network with the delegates at the event. Speaking to delegates and industry leaders, we learned how to improve one’s social skills—a smile goes a long way. The more you put people at ease, the more likely they are to talk to you. This is one of the distinctive qualities I hope to learn and imbibe. Putting people at ease can keep the conversation flowing. Most conversations start great but tend to fizzle out toward the end. The quality described above is the best way to sustain and maintain the tempo of the conversation.

On the whole, the event was a great success. Behind the splendid execution, the countless hours of planning and work shined. As students/beginners, we put ourselves out there to speak, invite, and network with the attendees, and learned the nitty-gritty of body language and tone. As performers, we learned to manage stage fear and put on a great show. The event taught us important lessons in planning, time management, interactions, and directional workflows.
The experience was five-star—not just in terms of the stay and hospitality. It allowed us a peek into how the PR fraternity functions and gained valuable insights on the whole.

Author: Digital Onca

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