5 Things Students are looking forward to working in PR

Public Relations (PR) is a window through which an organisation is illuminated to its stakeholders. Businesses invest millions of dollars in the process of brand building. An effective brand is built in tandem with the organisation’s longer-term goals. There is often a gap observed between how the brand views itself and the consumers’ perception of it. PR helps to unify and achieve an equilibrium between both perceptions. A defining element of business strategy, PR contributes to manifesting a brand’s vision, effectively. It is an asset but also a process through which one can build credibility, trust, and eventually profitability for a brand. 

PR offers its students and professionals an opportunity to be lifelong learners. It allows you to immerse yourself in an eclectic choice of fields and sectors. The chances for regular academic and sectoral rejuvenation are plenty in the field of Public Relations. An evolving and dynamic field in nature, PR professionals must embrace proactive learning to keep pace with the rapid rate of changes in one’s industry. Regular media scanning, news tracking, and research help one stay abreast of the latest developments. Public Relations is research-intensive and knowledge-driven. Consistent research helps a professional to gain operational fluency in their respective sectors. It also helps to enrich their understanding of the sensibilities of their key audience groups.

The depth of extensive research must translate into the narratives we build as PR professionals. These narratives are instrumental in influencing and building opinions.  An effective narrative merely does not boast of the right language. The usage of the right word in the right place and time is crucial to the success of a PR activity. Such characteristics are reflective of innately being a management function. Positive opinions yield support and eventually accord to the longevity of a brand on the market. Additionally, content creation is significant to PR; essentially the type that adds value to the lives of a consumer or benefits them in a way. Armed with sectoral knowledge, a deep understanding of consumer sensibility, and the right language, PR can create immense value for its business whilst using varied methods of dissemination. 

A business thrives or perishes based on relationships with its stakeholder groups. The power wielded by such groups can prove to be extremely beneficial or detrimental to the survival and functioning of a business. It is essential to therefore tread carefully around business relationships and handle them with the utmost sensitivity. Building and nurturing strong business relationships is a pivotal function of PR. Strong stakeholder relationships are a rainy-day asset that comes in handy should a brand have to navigate through turbulent times. The foremost stakeholder apart from consumers will undoubtedly be the media. Media Outreach is one of the most important activities in the day of a PR practitioner.  

As organisations adapt to a digitally-first approach, the role of social media becomes increasingly profound. Having a social media presence these days helps to cater to consumer needs and solve grievances on a real-time basis. Such platforms allow the free expression of multiple opinions due to minimal regulation. Responses to concerns on social media are dictated by speed—-any delay may escalate swiftly into a crisis.

Public Relations professionals are exposed to several crises in their tenure. They are hence expected to be adept at Crisis Management which acts in the role of a life jacket for the organisation shielding it from a volley of opposing opinions. 

A career in Public Relations is never short of learning. Every day is a new day— a statement oft-quoted by seasoned professionals. As learners, one will be met with several opportunities to grow and develop into thorough professionals also benefiting a professional’s personal growth and endowing them with skills for effective interaction, planning and execution, and articulation. Effort and research-intensive, Public Relations can be instrumental to the economy as a whole.  

Author: Digital Onca

Digital Onca is a blog that documents the concepts of Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Digital Onca is the effort to stay with the times, understand more deeply, more closely the working of a digital space that is steadfastly emerging around us.

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