Listicle: 10 most essential skills for a successful career in PR

PR is a profession that requires diverse skills to succeed. You get to don the hat of many well,at the drop of a hat. For a successful career in PR, here are 10 skills you need to equip yourself with. 

  1. Networking 101

No matter how much Buzzfeed’s article on ‘26 Totally Legitimate Thoughts Every Introvert Has Had’ makes sense to you, you need to bring your Networking A game.
PR literally eats networking for breakfast.

Channel that inner David Rose, if you have to!

  1. Write like an Amazonian
    Steer clear of the ‘Shashi Tharoor’ syndrome—-Prefer making sense over sounding smart. Keep it succinct, no more than 30 words per sentence, and don’t forget to ‘PROOFREAD’!

    Come on Jeffrey, you can do it!

  1. Research like Sherlock!

Research is the anchor holding your ship together. Well-researched articles, backed by facts will keep you afloat!

Without research, No ‘ship’ Sherlock!

  1. Time Management
    Unless you plan to “Work Work Work” all day
    like Rihanna and Drake’s jam,effective planning and  time management are essential skills to have on hand.

    “I know you need to get done, done, done!”

  1. Media Management
    Media is your best bet to get noticed.Industry, Baby!
    Latest industry information, policy changes, and upcoming trends are what you must track constantly. For a successful PR professional, keeping up with iIndustry trends is the ace in this deck of cards.

The Kardashians are so last season, anyway!

  1. No Social Dilemma.

PR professionals must be fluent with social media.
That’s where you find the pulse of public opinion.
You can form and execute campaigns and track them effectively.

And for Ggod’s sake, turn that documentary off!

  1. Print and TV may be old but not outdated.
    Call the journos, update those media lists, and keep pushing!

  2. Customization Heist!
    Want to be noticed? Say “Bella Ciao” to sending out generalized pitches to journalists unless ‘spam’ is your final destination!

    Even the sinister professor would recommend this.
  1. The Big Picture
    You are the eyes and ears of the company
    you serve from both; inside and outside of the company.
    Create an evaluation plan to see the big picture rather than micro-managing.

Content is King!
This one is rather self-explanatory.
Great content, guarantees you getting noticed
and helps you leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

A Newbie’s guide to acing office meetings.

I wonder why self-help books are such bestsellers —  we create a mystical aura around the personality of the subject, only to end up knowing that the ‘secret’ was something so simple. 

Meetings are somewhat alike. All of us desire to be heard, noticed, and considered by our peers and seniors in our groups. The thought of attending a meeting has newbies absent-mindedly crack countless knuckles, biting pen caps, and scribbling hasty notes while trying to get through the nerve-wracking meeting experience. 

The solution? KISS the nerves goodbye! 

KISS stands for  Keep It Simple, Silly! In the race to sparkle in the meeting, we often shadow our natural personalities. All have something to bring to the table unless you’re trying to ape your bosses! 

Be yourself’ is common advice parroted by many. Look closely to find an asterisk at the top of this statement. Surely, a meeting is one of the last places to be unapologetically yourself.
There’s a time and place to unleash your insta-worthy mojo!

Confidence, initiative, and courage to speak seek attention. But, active listening is so underrated! It is equally essential to introspect along with listening. To jog your memory, take notes, doodle, scribble — whatever floats your boat.

Don’t let your inhibitions hold you back in the meeting. Share the idea you’ve been toying with for weeks. You never know, this idea might be the start to writing your self-help bestseller!