Modes of Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication is an activity that helps marketers to manage and determine the demand for their offerings. This is the age of customer-based offering. Therefore, marketers must carefully adopt the demand-based strategy instead of the supply based one. The interesting role of communication in this process is to better forecast on the predict the need of one’s customers. The communication made must be catered to the needs and wants of one’s target audience.

The first step is the basic offer. The basic offer consists the normal and additional benefits of the products and pitches them to the consumers. The objective here is the main focus. The prime focus of this offer remains on customer satisfaction and fulfillment. Factors like price, product availability, stock capacity, delivery capacity, credit terms, loans, and warranties are encompassed with the basic offer. (Source: Master’s Communication)

Next, it shifts to the mode-Persuasive Communication. Communication here is to improve the product’s impression and increase trust in the minds of the customers. Increasing the trust element is a one-way ticket to ensure sales. The messaging can include personal messaging, ads, social media, publicity, and sponsorship.

Mode 3 includes Promotional inducements. Additional benefits that are offered beyond basic offer benefits are called promotional inducements. These inducements are used to motivate specific behavior from customers.
Lastly, we must understand that the concepts of marketing and communication exist in conjugation with each other and not in the absence of it. It is essential to understand and implement it too.

Desserts: The Universal Language of Love.

Nothing speaks love like desserts. Be it that drizzling of chocolate on the sizzling warm brownie, an extra teaspoon of ghee on the already laden Gaajar-ka -Halwa, or the unanimous chorus of delight when we tuck into the layered Tiramisu-an Italian coffee-flavored dessert. The pistachio crackle never ceases to amaze when the sweet-salty combination hits your taste buds.

One of the most famous desserts in the world is the All-American cheesecake. The cheesecake is whipped cream cheese, laid out on the crumbly Graham-cracker crust laden with butter, with a glossy berry compote dripping from the top of the cake. With the National Cheesecake Day being celebrated in the US on 30th July, the tale of this melting-in-the-mouth dessert is unique and surprising.

Arnold Reuben, the Sandwich King of New York is credited with the recipe of this cheese cake. Reuben owned the Turf restaurant at 49th and Broadway in New York. He conceptualized the cheese cake recipe inspired by a unique cheese-pie was served to him. The cheese cake which has now become synonymous with the identity of NYC, is attributed to Arnold Reuben’s fine taste and exquisite composition. The National Cheesecake Day is celebrated to honor his memory and gorge on his amazing creation- The New York Cheese Cake!