Listicle: 10 most essential skills for a successful career in PR

PR is a profession that requires diverse skills to succeed. You get to don the hat of many well,at the drop of a hat. For a successful career in PR, here are 10 skills you need to equip yourself with. 

  1. Networking 101

No matter how much Buzzfeed’s article on ‘26 Totally Legitimate Thoughts Every Introvert Has Had’ makes sense to you, you need to bring your Networking A game.
PR literally eats networking for breakfast.

Channel that inner David Rose, if you have to!

  1. Write like an Amazonian
    Steer clear of the ‘Shashi Tharoor’ syndrome—-Prefer making sense over sounding smart. Keep it succinct, no more than 30 words per sentence, and don’t forget to ‘PROOFREAD’!

    Come on Jeffrey, you can do it!

  1. Research like Sherlock!

Research is the anchor holding your ship together. Well-researched articles, backed by facts will keep you afloat!

Without research, No ‘ship’ Sherlock!

  1. Time Management
    Unless you plan to “Work Work Work” all day
    like Rihanna and Drake’s jam,effective planning and  time management are essential skills to have on hand.

    “I know you need to get done, done, done!”

  1. Media Management
    Media is your best bet to get noticed.Industry, Baby!
    Latest industry information, policy changes, and upcoming trends are what you must track constantly. For a successful PR professional, keeping up with iIndustry trends is the ace in this deck of cards.

The Kardashians are so last season, anyway!

  1. No Social Dilemma.

PR professionals must be fluent with social media.
That’s where you find the pulse of public opinion.
You can form and execute campaigns and track them effectively.

And for Ggod’s sake, turn that documentary off!

  1. Print and TV may be old but not outdated.
    Call the journos, update those media lists, and keep pushing!

  2. Customization Heist!
    Want to be noticed? Say “Bella Ciao” to sending out generalized pitches to journalists unless ‘spam’ is your final destination!

    Even the sinister professor would recommend this.
  1. The Big Picture
    You are the eyes and ears of the company
    you serve from both; inside and outside of the company.
    Create an evaluation plan to see the big picture rather than micro-managing.

Content is King!
This one is rather self-explanatory.
Great content, guarantees you getting noticed
and helps you leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

MSL Consultancy Visit

Today we had the opportunity to visit the MSL India office, at Lower Parel, Mumbai. As always, this consultancy visit too was a great success. We got to meet a few of the most successful PR professionals in the country and tap into their incredible experiences in the communications industry.

Our first meet-up was with Schubert Fernandes – Chief Client Officer, MSL India. As he spoke about the 3Cs of Communications- Clients, Colleagues, and Clients are the elements for success in a combination for success. The structure of MSL India includes MSL, 20:20 MSL, Publicis Consultants Asia, and Organic MSL. The above handle Public Relations, Tech-based clients, Unicorns, and Digital services. Lastly, Mr Fernandes spoke briefly about the Publicis Groupe, giving us a peek into their structure and operations.

Our next talk was with Sneha Kango – Sr Manager, Human Resources who took us through the history, structure, and notable campaigns of the Publicis Groupe about their campaigns featuring brands like Olay, Budweiser, and the likes. These powerful campaigns were able to bring great reach and generate an overwhelmingly positive sentiment for the brand.

Next, we spoke to Zeenia Wadia – Group Head, Saatchi PR who took us through some valuable tips and tricks on client interaction. From setting SMART goals, researching well, documenting official conversations, and communicating consistently Ms Wadia gave us great insights into how one can ace client communication!

Our next session with Ankit Chothani – Group Head, Financial Services was surrounding PR in Practice comparing the past, present, and the upcoming future of PR. A detailed case study on the ongoing Ranveer Singh photoshoot furore helped us deep-dive into crisis management. We mapped out the structure of how to approach a crisis plan. Here’s how:
1. Monitor the current stance of media sentiment
2. Putting alerts on relevant keyword searches
3. Monitoring news every 15-30 minutes
4. Prepare a response, post consultation
5. Keep ready a document of possible questions that could be asked by the media
6. Sensitize, Clear narratives and be mindful of what the spokesperson says in public
7. Act accordingly!

Group Head, MSL India- Apurva Mishra then spoke briefly about navigating the new normal in the field of PR and the hybrid model of working. A surprise interaction with our senior, past SCoRe alumni- Ms Lynn Misquith and finally interacting with Mr Rajesh Narwankar- VP and Head of Talent, MSL India. Mr Narwankar provided us with a clearer picture and facts to keep in mind and consider before selecting our workplaces and how to build our profiles.

The consultancy visit to MSL was a great success. We ar SCoRe greatly benefitted from all the sessions and hope to use all insights in our future endeavours.